mardi 11 août 2015

Time flies

I get this uncontrollable feeling sometimes that the years are flying by and there will be no time left to go through everything I have on my to-do list… Like going blonde for example or showing my stomach again or even rocking the bangs!!!  This sense of urgency made me want to do it all!  There’s no time to waste!!  You only get to live once, right?  So girls stop thinking: should I? should I not?  JUST DO IT!! (Ha! I’m not advertising for Nike yet I promise)
That said, I started noticing the reappearance of the so called “Mom jeans” from the 80’s now called the “Girlfriend jeans” to make you forget about your so precious “Boyfriend jeans” you’re not ready to part with…  But it’s Goodbye time!  This year is all about celebrating woman and all their curves!  High waist everything (pants, skirts, undies…) and the cropped tops are taking over the fashion scene, making your waist look tiny and your derrière look ginormous!  
Of course, my first though was…  I gotta get me some of that!!!
Will you try it?

Wearing a pair of vintage Levi’s Jean, cropped top from American Apparel, Zara silver sandals

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