samedi 23 août 2014

Get back in shape with style

I don’t exactly remember when it happened, maybe when the leggings started being cool again, but I remember feeling extra comfortable in my clothes and I couldn’t believe it!  No sore feet, no adjusting the belt, no fear of shirt buttons popping…  Was that even real!  How could you be feminine and not suffer?  Was I slowly drifting away from the fashion world to become one of those girls who wears jogging pants and sweatshirts all the time?  Tempting…  But no!  I couldn’t!  Not after all this time spent matching outfits, practicing how to walk in sky-high heels…  I couldn’t go back!

Then a miracle happened…  The fashion industry and sportswear mixed, or should I say, joined their strength!  It wasn’t a dream: From now on, you can look good even if you’re covered in sweat from head to toe.  Integrating fashion in our everyday life… that, my friends, is what I call genius thinking! 

And for la crème de la crème in stylish sportswear who’s better than Adidas!  It’s really my own personal favorite.  Unbeatable!



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