vendredi 8 novembre 2013

A creamy day

Last week, I made a statement: I could live my life in the countryside.  That's what I said to my girlfriends… maybe not the best idea!  They all stared at me blankly before exploding in laughter.  You, in the country???  You couldn’t last a day without fashion?  And fashion in the country… well… you know…

They were right! But I figured as long as I could bring fashion with me I’d be happy… Not to forget my hairdresser without whom I wouldn’t survive very long…Thank you so much Tal for the beautiful haircut!! (Carte Blanche Coiffure)
So I left that morning wearing my high heels (not leaving those behind, no matter what) and that pretty silk vintage top given to me by my aunt (thanks Amto!!).
I think it worked out pretty well!

Vintage Top, Aldo Shoes, Zara Jean, RW&co earings

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