mardi 10 septembre 2013

Just breathe

It’s coming.  You know it.  You can’t run.  You can’t hide.  The cold and rainy days are just around the corner.  But there is still a little bit of time left to let loose, uncover your legs and put on bright colors.

I absolutely love this dress.  It’s material is so light, it makes me feel like I’m not wearing anything and the vibrant colors make me forget about the clouds and help me shake off the feeling of nostalgia I often get this time of year.

Wearing a vintage dress and belt, sandals from Nine West past season, silver ring from Soho and leather bracelets I've had for so long I don't remember where I got them from (sorry... it happens)

Thanks for visiting.
P.S. For all of you who are waiting to read about the fashion week... don't you worry I'm working on it and it will be on line very soon.

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