dimanche 27 janvier 2013

Camouflage pants and a splash of red

Tired of the cold weather, I like to reminisce about the warmer days when fashion was out there, not buried under a pile of sweaters, coats, gigantic boots, tuques, huge scarves…  You get the picture!

Here’s an outfit I can’t wait to wear again once the sun starts cooperating again ;-)


You have got to get your hands on a pair of camouflage pants, a.k.a. army pants, for spring! It’s a trend you can’t miss! Wear it with something as simple as a creamy white blouse or something vibrant like a bright redor even yellow Any combination will do. What’s fun about those pants is that you can rarely go wrong. 

 Blazer and Pants from Zara, Platform Wedge Booties from somewhere  in California,
Bracelet from Marc Jacobs, Top from Club Monaco

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